Sailing the Amazing Adriatic Sea on a Macwester

Ljubljana Adriatic Sea

There is something dreamy about the Adriatic sea. Even if you come to the same spot year after year, it seams you never come to the same place, there is always so much you have never seen before submerged in the familiarity of the place. And yet, at the same time places feel like they were there forever and you never left in the first place. All my life I have been exploring the beautiful Croatian coasts of the Adriatic sea, lately in the good company of my family and a Macwester. It is a beautiful sailboat. With 26 feet it is not too big, just perfect for a small family. Made for the rough seas of the North, it has two keels and is therefore very stable. It has a shallow draft, so you can hide in the tiniest bays which gives you extra freedom and  and all the solitude you can enjoy. In good winds, travelling at 5 knots is the norm. I love the boat, we became good friends over the years. And I am in love with the Adriatic sea.

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