Ljubljana Castle Run

Length: 2,6 km

Elevation: 65 m

Track: Asphalt, dirt, granite, roots, in short: everything possible.

Trafic: No traffic, just the dog-walkers and romantic souls.

Sights: Nice views of Ljubljana on all sides.

Weather: It is possible to run in rain. In snow the slopes can be slippery.

Night Run: In the night it is generally safe to stick to the paved roads, as the woods can be a bit tricky. Otherwise completely safe.

DescriptionLjubljanski castle is so tightly connected with Ljubljana, that no serious runner can’t have a peaceful sleep until the Castle Run is ticked on the list. Of course, there are a million possible ways of doing it and everyone has it’s on preferred route. On one he was in love, on the other he was crying, on the third he was partying with his friends, on the fourth he was training his photographic eye, on the fifth he got married, and so forth. As you run to the top of the castle hill, all these stories start spinning, so when you return to the beginning, you are completely rejuvenated. Your whole life has danced in front of your eyes.