Ljubljana’s stories

Would you like to know Ljubljana in a different way? Would you like a little peek into the stories of Ljubljana, in Ljubljana’s colorful history? Would you like to trevel in time and space of the Illyrian Provinces, to dance with Urška and her underwater husband , have a  glimpse of  protestants ideas or to feel some of ​​the earthquake devastation of the city? Would you like to find youself in Ljubljana, surrounded by barbed wire, in the time of Yugoslavia and brotherhood and unity?

You can have all of this and more if you join to the Ljubljana’s stories presented by Ana Monro Theatre, in collaboration with the Tourism of Ljubljana. After 10th of April 2014, on every Thursday at 5 pm , you can go on the specific tour around Ljubljana, starting at Gornji trg .

Unique street – theater performance takes you on an interactive walk through more than 500 years of rich history of the city of Ljubljana. The audience will get a unique opportunity to join and work in the beggar guild or to deal with a very different work in the largest public shelter, under the Ljubljana’s Castle, which in the past offered shelter to nearly 600 people.

Great historical facts can happen in front of you on the street – theatrical way . The creators guarantee that after this show you can say: “We know, we were there! ”

Note: The part of the show takes place in an underground, confined space, so we do not recommend the show to everyone that can be a problem. The show is walkable and out along the route, which does not allow passage by disabled persons.


Find out more at www.facebook.com / ljuzgo

(Foto_ Luka Dakskobler))