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TRUST! - Ljubljana

TRUST! – Ljubljana

Dear comic artists, drawers, designers and other visual artists, here is an open call to participate in an experiment of music band TRUS! Založba Radio Študent, Moonlee Records and Komikaze will unite their powers in order to release a debut album of TRUS!, which will come out on TRESK festival in Kino Šiška, on March 14th 2013. TRUS! is a pretty new Slovenian band, playing inspiring mix of minimal-elektro-lo-fi-punk-noise, that took part in Klubski Maraton Tour in 2012. Now it’s time to record and release their first album, and they decided to make it a little different then usually (CD, vinyl, tape). Instead on classic phonogram they want to release their music in a new and innovative format: comic booklet + scarf, bag or t-shirt (with screen print of chosen drawings from comic booklet) + link for download TRUS! songs (and comic booklet in .pdf file). Whole package will be available for sale, while music and comics in digital format will be available for free download. Altogether will be promoted as debut album of band TRUS!  You are invited to evoke your special powers and skills, to react on TRUS! sonic provocations and upgrade their story, to visualize your ideas about it, which will be collected, selected and published in TRUS! comic booklet. On disposal you have one page of comic booklet, dimensions 12x12cm, and drawings shall be done in black and white technique only. TRUS! can be: – onomatopoeia which imitates something that falls and produce sound TRUS! – verb, which indicates action, for example: to TRUS – adjective TRUSED – superhero *indestructible miss TRUS* If this is not inspiring enough for you, maybe you can try with the music? Beside promotion each of selected artists will get 5 packages (comic booklet + scarf/bag/T-Shirt) for free. We really hope that you are interested to join this experiment and that we will be in touch! Send your artwork in .pdf file (dimensions: 12 x 12cm, in black-white technique) until January 31st, 2013 at 12h (latest) to : [email protected]