Center for sonorous arts Ljubljana

Ljubljana has a new Center for sonorous arts, which is based in Vodnikova domačija. Sonorous theatre is an avant-garde form of theatre, connecting the newest technology, music theory and practice with human psychology, constructing a unique and passing interdisciplinary art experience. Vodnikova domačija will be a place where sonic theatre, sound installations, video, dance, transformations and sound compositions will merge on the stage. A gallery of audio-visual installations, a phonotheque, programotheque and a small sonorous art shop will be located there. There will also be a small AudioArt cafe.

Center for sonorous arts was established by Hanna’s Atelier, whose art director is Hanna Preuss.

Center for sonorous arts | Ljubljana | Nada Žgank

Center for sonorous arts | Ljubljana | Photo_ Nada Žgank