Ljubljana’s Fashionista

Ljubljana has a lot of great fashion designers. In the summer time they usually have sales and it’s the best time of the year to get something unique, fashionable and lovely. Try to stop and have a look at Cliche, in Novi trg 6, in Squat, Križevniška ul.5, something hand knitted from Niti Niti, Breg 4, something knitted in very unique way in Draž Pletenine, Gornji trg 9, at Maja Ferme Showroom by appointment, Rimska cesta 5, something romantic from Almira Sadar, Tavčarjeva ul.6, Tavčarjeva le petite at studio De Beaute NatasaHrupic, Sofianogard, Tavčarjeva, Tash, and Aleatta at Slovenska c.46, Akultura by Alenka Globočnik, Tavčarjeva ul.5, have a look on beautiful, legendary Slovene Exsclusive leather hanbags at Torbice Grošelj, Tavčarjeva ul.4, have some great design in Cute, Slovenska c. 47, and in KODA 386 in Tavčarjeva ul. 4.