International Summer Festival Trnfest

In Ljubljana from 31th of August till 1st of September 2012

It’s time for grilled corn with great music, workshops, theatre and dance shows, movies, puppets, it’s time for hot summer festival Trnfest!

In Avgust the heart of Ljubljana moves to Trnovo, to Trnfest. This year will be on full volume 33 days and nights. There you can see and hear a lot of Slovene art and music production but also some very nice groups from abroad: Fake Orkestra, Jararaja, Brass band Bojana Rističa, NYSJE [USA], Overflow [Croatia], Moveknowledgement, etc.

Free entrance!!!

The 31th of July at 8.30 pm. is the great opening of Trnfest with great Slovene band Fake Orchestra. Fake Orchestra is a legendary band from Ljubljana, which was established in 1997 by Igor Leonardi, guitar player and composer. The music of Fake Orchestra is smooth and great for young and old listeners. It’s composed of jazz, ethno, Italian canzonas, samba and Bosnian Sevdalinke, afro rhythms, rock and funk beats.

Igor Leonardi was living and working in USA, he was playing with Don Cherry, Metallica and a lot of different interesting artist. Fake Orkestra are also Ana Vipotnik, Nino de Gleria, Jelena Ždrale, Enos Kugler, Primož Fleischman, Blaž Celarec, and guests as Boštjan Gombač, David Jarh and Ana Šimenc. For song Jarabi, they had as a guest legendary Slovene singer Pero Lovšin.

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