Tandoori Ljubljana

It might not seem much for a traveller coming from a huge metropolis such as London, San Francisco or even New Delhi. But Ljubljana just got it’s first petite tandoori restaurant on Trubarjeva street 60. It’s a fast food indian-bengali restaurant, but not a junk food one. OK, it’s note quite fast food yet as the naan baking boys are not yet flying across all the orders with the speed of sound, but I am quite sure they are getting there. This is a great addition to the variety of food you can eat in Ljubljana and I am sure that it is going to be appreciated not only by the locals, but also by random visitors and travelers. It is also a sign that the very vivid city centre is actually spreading!

If you long for a more high end indian restaurant, try the Namaste restaurant by Ljubljanica river.

So all you hungry bengali tigers, welcome to Ljubljana!

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