Park Tabor is alive

Park Tabor is one of the most vivid and interesting places in Ljubljana. In its neighborhood you can find Metelkova, the most popular and fun place to have a good night party, the Celica hostel, where you can sleep and feel the atmosphere of Slovene alternative artist scene. Some renown Slovene artist have their studios here and you can regularly see them creating their artwork. Here you can also find the museum quarter of Ljubljana with its newest Slovene museum of contemporary art (MSUM) and one of the nicest museum in town with interesting programme, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM; free entrance every last Saturday of the month). Here you can have a nice breakfast and rest while your kids play in the beautiful garden with herbs at the coffee place called Kavarna SEM, next to the SEM museum. You have a beautiful view on the Church of Saint Jesus’s heart, which was made by architect Adolf Wagner in neogothic style and it is open for public after 1th of June 1883. In the 19th of June 1883 was church visited by Franz Joseph I, while he was staying in Ljubljana. The church is now in the hands of Lazarians, mission brothers, which are staying in the house nearby on Maistrova street 2.

The Park Tabor near the church will be the venue of vivid spring and summer events. The local community of these part of Ljubljana is very new, but enthusiastic and growing. It is led by a group of young Slovene woman architects called prostoRož. ProstoRož architects association sprung into life in 2004 as a spontaneous answer to their desire to explore and understand open city space. They create a continuous project of public space cultivation, and its goal is developing a method of reviving and arranging of the degraded urban spaces. They believe to join efforts of experts from various fields of spatial planning, architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, nature conservation, cultural heritage and tourism. Their space interventions are always followed by public discussions in which they try to include experts as well as laymen.

ProstoRož is a group of people who explore, examine, open and offer new possibilities of public space use in accordance with the needs of its inhabitants. They try to make minimal and small interventions which are sometimes enough to present the city’s inhabitants and visitors with pleasant spaces for hanging out, playing or working in the open air. They believe that in applying the appropriate approach to space planning as well as appropriate contents the amount of various forms of vandalism in public areas can be reduced. Their goal is to draw attention to certain areas in the city.

This spring and summer they focus on Park Tabor, where they try to organize points of relaxed city with functional urban spaces. Today, on the 12th of May they are starting with a big opening of Park Tabor events. They are going to have a big garage sale, organized by ProstoRož and Lija Pogačnik, where you will be able to buy some unique stuff from Slovene homes: from home decoration stuff, toys, books, clothes. The event will start in 10 pm and last till 6am, with local DJ-s, good food and a lot of fun. In the Park Tabor, you can join for free all these months different activities, such as Slackline, Check, Salsa in the park, Yoga, Crossfit, Taijiquan in qigong, you can read some books under the trees in the Library under the tress and have a breakfast with some neigbours in front of the Dvorana Tabor, and have a lot of fun on Art markets and more and more fun.