Mono No Aware or the Greatness of Cherry Blossoms

Mono no aware is a buddhist term used to describe the awareness of impermanence or the transience of things. As such, it is the essence of japanese sensibility and their cultural tradition. The cherry blossom, especially if we are talking about the blossom of the Japanese cherry tree (Prunus serrulata), also called sakura, it is the spirit of mono no aware. The buds slowly swell and than suddenly transform into painfully beautiful masterpieces. But the blossoms rapidly loose their power and even the slightest winds carry their dead petals away. The tradition of picknicking under a blossoming sakura is called hanami.

The worlds of cherry blossoms bloom in Ljubljana. In the Tivoli park, by the cycling roads, in the random yards, secret places or just somewhere. Enjoy a hanami. Not because of the Japanese, buddhism or out of snobbism, but simply because it is so beautiful.