The Daktari Club

The legendary Daktari used to be a club in Ljubljana. In the past, every newcomer used to be initiated: when the bartender realized there was a newbie in the house, he would bring a book in which the newcomer would sign his/her name as a club member. After that formal step, the bartender would ask everybody in the club for a moment of silence, introduce the newcomer, everybody would than welcome him/her with a big applause an than the newcomer would be allowed to order drinks by club prices. Which were super-low. And they were known to have very good pear-brandy and walnut-brandy, besides almost all other imaginable alcoholic mental-releasers. At that times it was allowed to smoke in Daktari and it used to be a paralel universe in which one would easily get lost and get rid of all the burdens of the outside world.

It was closed for some time. I guess the alternative spirit of the bar must have been a problem for the neighbors. But Daktari is back to Ljubljana! It features a more stylish retro feel, but is still pleasantly cosy. There are images of Marshal Tito on the wall, ZX Spectrum placed on the shelf, and many books on the shelves. It feels like coming home to a friend from the past. Live music is played there from time to time. And you can get really good Pinela wine there.