Birthday Present for Ljubljana’s Master Architect – Jože Plečnik

Exactly 140 years ago (January 23rd, 1872) Ljubljana‘s famous architect Jože Plečnik was born in Ljubljana. The heritage of his genious and creativity still has a strong influence on the visual and emotianal exsistance of the city of Ljubljana and other important European cities, such as Prague in Vienna.

Google Plečniku za rojstni dan | Ljubljana | Lublana

Google's birthday present for Jože Plečnik | Ljubljana | Lublana

Today another giant, a modern one – Google, has bowed to Jože Plečnik. The image on the search engine has been changed with the one above, where the Ljubljanica river, The Three Bridges and the Franciscan Church are seen. The two o-s have been replaced with Tromostovje, the Three Bridges.

Dear Jože, thank you and happy birthday, wherever you are!

One thought on “Birthday Present for Ljubljana’s Master Architect – Jože Plečnik

  1. I missed this one from google. The picture of preseren place is great. Let’s they will do that again soon. I love Plecnik, if the city is so lively today, this is thanks to him.

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